Friday, May 25

Nolan Helmets Guide

Based out of Bergamo, Italy, Nolan Helmets has been designing and manufacturing high-quality lids for the sport and touring markets since the early 70s. Thanks to their innovation and continual refinement of helmet models, Nolan has captured more than half of the motorcycle helmet market in Europe. The entire life cycle of every Nolan Helmet sees each phase of its development take place at the Nolan facilities in Bergamo, from development and design through final production. The newest helmets in their line are the Nolan N104 (at right), a groundbreaking modular, and the Nolan N85, the first full face offering from Nolan to make it to the US.

Check out our Nolan Helmets Guide to get a better understanding of the brand and products offered from Nolan:

To see more options similar to those from Nolan, visit our modular helmets page.


Nolan N104 Review
Nolan N85 Review
Nolan N43 Review

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