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Nolan N104 Helmet Review

Nolan N104 Action Helmet
Brand new for 2012, the Nolan N104 Helmet is a huge step forward from its predecessor, the N103, one of the most popular Modular Helmets on the market. For this iteration, Nolan has taken rider feedback and reacted by making improvements that are evident throughout the Nolan N-104 Modular Helmet. Some of the improves on the N104 Helmet over the N103 are lighter weight, lower profile, improved aerodynamics and a much larger shield for improved field of vision. The ventilation has received a dramatic upgrade and the entirety of the interior sees itself improved this year. We're big fans of this helmet, especially at the price point.

Check out our Nolan N104 Helmet Review:

Nolan N104 Outlaw Helmet
So far, we've glanced at some of the improvements, but now let's get into how they've actually made the improvements and detail them a bit more. The Nolan N104 Helmet is 7oz lighter than the N103 which has been done by reducing the profile of the helmet and making it more streamlined. They use two shell sizes which helps to maintain the smaller profile as you go up in the size range, and the shell is now built of injected polycarbonate GE Lexan. The brand new face shield comes in two sizes as well, which allows it to be tailored to whichever shell size you're using. The ultra wide eyeport of the shield is the largest of any Nolan helmet and each Nolan N-104 Helmet comes with a Pinlock insert, which guarantees fog-free riding.

Nolan N104 Helmet - Solid
The brand new Airbooster ventilation system features improved channels in the EPS in addition to improved intake and exhaust vents. The chin vent has added more channels of intake, there is a brand new brow intake that works in conjunction with the chimney vent for excellent airflow. There are also two individual exhaust vents at the top rear as opposed to the one rear exhaust found on the N103. There are plastic vent tubes within the EPS and that suck cool air through the interior of the helmet to keep your head comfortable. One complaint of the old N103 was the length/coverage of the interior sun visor. The brand new retractable VPS sun shield features longer coverage and a new push button release for instant retraction.

Nolan N104 Voyage Helmet
Inside the helmet, there are removable cheekpads, a top liner, neck roll and wind protector. All of the guts feature an antibacterial treatment, and everything is removable and washable. The comfort liner is notched to easily accommodate glasses-wearing riders. The neck roll can be taken out easily which is a great feature for warmer weather riding, and it features a reflective panel at the middle for night time visibility. The second generation of their Microlock retention system features an easily operable plastic opening lever and an aluminum tooth/retention mechanism. The Nolan N104 Modular Helmet is built to work with the brand new Nolan N-Com B4 Bluetooth System, an exclusive for the N104.

All in, for the price point, Nolan packed a ton of features and upgrades into the Nolan N-104 Helmet, and we have a hard time thinking it won't be an absolute monster this season amongst the modular-leaning riding community.


Nolan N104 Helmet Preview

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