Monday, February 13

GMax GM69 Helmet Preview

Coming in as the replacement for the extremely popular GM68 lid, the brand new GMax GM69 Helmet progresses forward on its predecessor's award-winning design and bang-for-the-buck functionality. One glance at the GMax GM 69 Helmet and you notice its sleek new design and the aerodynamic wing that graces the top of the lid. Ventilation has been improved and GMax Helmets, known for the excellent fitments of their lids, has continued focus on an ergonomic fit. Stay tuned for a detailed video breakdown of this helmet when we get one, but for now check out some photos of the brand new GMax GM69 Helmet below.

GMax GM69 Crusader 2
GMax GM69 Women's Crusader 2
GMax GM69 Solid

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