Thursday, February 16

Bell Revolver EVO Helmet Review

For 2012, Bell Helmets has ran their Revolver lid through the wringer to develop a new and improved version of what was already extremely popular. The new Bell Revolver EVO Helmet looks to deliver on that claim as it comes with a series of upgrades over its predecessor. The Revolver EVO Helmet features a redesigned seal around the eyeport to dampen wind noise, a new chin curtain that will provide a better seal and keep air out, and they've improved the functionality of their drop-down sun visor. All of the features of the Revolver are also present here, and it's available in a few different colors and graphics, including the ever-popular Bell Rally graphic. Check out the different options and stay tuned for our detailed video breakdown coming soon and the Bell Revolver Evo Helmet Review below:

Bell Revolver EVO Hi-Viz Helmet

Bell Revolver EVO Helmet - Solid
Bell Revolver Evo Skratch Pin Stripe Helmet
Bell Revolver EVO Rally Helmet
Stay tuned for more to come.


Bell RS-1 2012 Helmets - Graphics
Bell Custom 500 2012 Helmets - Graphics
Bell Star RSD Black Beauty Carbon Helmet
Bell Mag 9 Helmet
Bell Pit Boss Helmet
Bell Drifter DLX Helmet

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