Monday, June 25

Shark Speed-R Helmet Review

Shark Speed-R Sauer HelmetThe Shark Speed-R in the new line of helmets from Shark Helmets, has the best features of the Shark Race-R Pro (Moto-GP race helmets), but a sportier version of the Shark Vision-R. It has a fiberglass composite shell, intermediate oval head-shape, more aero-dynamic venting, chin vent, anti-fog and anti-scratch shield. As with the other helmets in the line, optically correct face shield.

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Shark Speed-R Redding Replica HelmetThere are a range of 6 different optional cheek pads if needed with easy-fit glasses system. The liners are antimicrobial and the fleece, lining are softer than in the Vision-R with the addition of a neck roll. All these helmets are predisposed to Sharktooth communication systems, a neoprene chin curtain wind collar and double-d ring connection.

The Shark Speed-R is available in Shark Speed-R Sauer, Shark Speed-R-Solid, Shark Speed-R Ike, and the Shark Speed-R Redding Replica.

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