Friday, August 24

ICON Airmada Helmet Launched!

The ICON Airmada is the next evolution in technical advancements, which the Alliance has been building on for 10 years. The first thing you'll notice is the new low-profile shell, which comes in four separate sizes to better fit a variety of head shapes. The dual-density EPS liner comes in five additional sizes to offer a personalized fit. ICON made an effort to reduce the helmet size and if you combine this with the polycarbonate shell, you've created a helmet that fits better, is absurdly light and still maintains all the standards for which ICON helmets are known.

Bringing function and fit together, the designers of the Icon Airmada Helmet have focused on bringing rider comfort to a new level. The Supervent system has been revamped with better ventilation and exhaust ports. The shield system has been redesigned to expand the eye port and changing out the shield takes a fraction of a second.

Graphics, solids, and H-Viz, oh my! We can't wait to ride in the next iteration from an already progressive company.
Icon Airmada Helmet Review:

Stay tuned for the graphic lineup.

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