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2013 Dainese Boot Lineup

In predictable Italian style, Dainese has introduced a whole new smashing line of boots for you to drool over all winter long. The 2013 selection sees a reboot to some existing killers as well as a healthy addition to both men's and women's protective footwear.

Refreshing the Torque line-up, Dainese brings us the Torque RS series, which includes the Dainese Torque RS Out, Dainese Torque RS Out Air, Dainese Torque RS In, and Dainese Torque RS Out D-WP boots. If you need a reminder on what "In vs. Out" boots are all about, check out the Dainese FAQ page for more info. The real advantage to this new "RS" series is that the entire boot is now CE-rated, as opposed to just the armor pieces only. This means that they pass tests that require the entire boot to withstand an impact as well as being particularly resistant to dis-lodging from your foot in the event of a crash. In addition to the protection upgrade, Dainese is gracing us with a few extra colorways, including a bright White/Red/Blue.

Dainese Torque RS Out Boots Review:

Paying respect to the American V-Twin crowd, as their namesake implies, the Dainese V-Twin D-WP boots bring a sturdy, waterproof boot that will look right at home on Route 66. Buckles, traditional cowhide, and attitude, make this rattlesnake killer ready for the long haul, the straight shot, or anything inbetween. Perhaps Dainese intended this to be paired with this year's R-Twin Leather Jacket?

Dainese V-Twin D-WP Boots Review:

My personal favorite, the Dainese Carroarmato Gore-Tex boots, are roughly translated from Italian to "armored tank." Made with the long-distance tourer in mind, the Carroarmato are a well-supported upper-calf length boot that is reinforced on all sides. Using D-Stone fabric, cowhide, aluminum buckles, TPU shin plates, and Nylon ankle inserts, this boot is "Guaranteed to Keep You Dry" by Gore-Tex and sure as hell to keep you safe.

Dainese Carroarmato Gore-Tex Boots Review:

After a well-received Dainese Technical Sneaker in 2012, the Dainese Forge Shoes provide a lower cut casual shoe that comes at a lower price point as well. Cleverly combining leather, rubber, and fabric, the Forge shoes give subtle protection in an incognito package and the thermoplastic heel reinforcement allows you to 'kick back' with confidence.

Dainese Forge Shoes Review:

Moving on to women's footwear, Dainese has brought four brand new models to the house. Beginning with the Dainese Women's Garde S-RS shoes, ladies will now have a low-cut option from Dainese much akin to the Dyno, or Dyno Naked mens options. Featuring a speed lacing system and an elasticated fit, the Garde S-RS are a choice of convenience for the female rider.

Dainese Women's Garde S-RS Shoes Review:

As we move up the leg from ankle to low-calf, the Dainese Women's Luma Gore-Tex boots step in adding a slightly taller option. Layering shin protection with a Gore-Tex membrane, the Luma offer a slightly less sporty look than the Avant boots, while offering more functionality in its waterproofing. Coming in at the same price point as the Garde S-RS, Dainese will force you to choose between these two lovely chasses.

Dainese Women's Luma Gore-Tex Boots Review:

Moving up again to mid-calf, allow me to introduce the Dainese Svelta Gore-Tex boots. Sporting clean curves and dependable Italian style, the Svelta should be an easy fit, especially with the intentional placement of elastic along the sides. The Gore-Tex membrane will give you confidence in the wet without compromising the breathability of full-grain leather.

Dainese Women's Svelta Gore-Tex Boots Review:

At the top of the totem pole, Italy deigns us to experience the Dainese Women's Ixia D-WP boots. As the tallest boot in the line-up, the Ixia play their part in both style and functionality. The D-WP lining keeps water out, and its height alone prevents moisture from splashing in from the road. While it doesn't offer the guarantee of Gore-Tex, the added height and heel on the Ixia will make it a popular fashion buy and a hard choice next to the Svelta.

Dainese Women's Ixia D-WP Boots Review:

We hope you like what you see! We are certainly psyched for the 2013 release. Check out the rest of the Dainese 2013 Collection at

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