Friday, October 19

Dainese Leather Jackets : Spring '13 Collection

Known for their premium leather and hand-crafted care, Dainese never lets us down with their exquisite leather jackets. 2013 will bring some additional perforated options to existing models as well as a plethora of new jackets that will challenge your reserve.

Beginning with our perforated additions, please welcome the Dainese Razon Perforated leather jacket and the Dainese Racing Perforated leather jacket. These pre-proven options carry all the benefits or their non-perf predecessors, however, the added flexibility to choose between models will open these jackets up to a wider climate range. The other bonus to these two is that they are available in almost all sizes and colors now! The rest of the 2013 selection will keep you waiting through the new year.

The Dainese Frazer leather jacket is an intriguing new option that combines leather and textile in a refined composite. The added strength of the leather is contrasted with the lightweight flexibility of the Cordura 750 fabric. Using perforated leather panels and micro-elastic inserts in key areas allow this jacket to fit you best and look the rest. The Frazer proudly displays Dainese's sexy aluminum shoulder inserts making it a unique combination of style and protection. Also unique, is the use of what Dainese calls 'washable cow leather' in its construction.

Next up, is the Dainese Speed Naked Leather jacket, which is available in a perforated option as well. This bad boy touts vintage leather and clean lines along with Dainese's aluminium shoulder inserts. This classic, relaxed-fit design is certainly not basic in features! There are several things that separate it from the competition, including strategic use of S1 fabric for flexibility, air inlets on the chest, a Nanofeel liner, and 3D Bubble fabric inserts (for interior climate control). As with all of these new Dainese jackets, the Speed Naked will accept your Dainese back protector or Thorax chest protector.

To take it up a notch, Italy brings us the aptly-named Dainese Super Speed Naked Leather jacket, which is also available in a perforated option. Produced with Dainese's proprietary D-Skin leather and riddled with style and feature details, the Super Speed Naked is the sport alter ego of its classic counterpart. Two high-contrast color schemes give the perforated version a striking impression. An additional two red and blue options decorate the non-perf jacket. An aggressive fit, and an aerodynamic speed hump pin it directly in the high-adrenaline sport world.

Stay tuned for more Dainese 2013 updates soon to follow!

-- ckZilla

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