Friday, October 19

New Dainese 2013 Textiles Just Announced!

Alright! You've got us, we admit it: We are addicted to Dainese gear! But really, I mean, who wouldn't be with a line-up like this one? 2013 looks like as good a year as we've seen yet for Dainese.

Warning: addictive content to follow. Further reading may result in drooling, twitching, and other obsessive behavior

The first libation to feed your habit comes in the form of the Dainese Super Speed jacket. If you've been shamelessly following our feed today, you'll probably recognize this name from its leather counterpart. The Super Speed textile is an aggressive warm weather option that takes the best cues from the Air-Frame and the Avro Textile. With silver aluminium shoulder sliders and the strategically placed mesh panels, this jacket gives you the protection of the Avro with the ventilation and feature set of the Air-Frame.

Dainese Super Speed Jacket Review:

Pour the next shot! The Dainese Stradon Gore-Tex jacket is the latest uber-jacket prepped for 2013. This Gore-Tex waterproof jacket is built to withstand the coldest temperatures, while still allowing for direct ventilation by means of the coveted Gore Lockout Closure zippers. This ziplock is legal to open and consume in public, while keeping you 100% dry when closed. Other details include: a removable collar and double collar, as well as a removable thermal lining, but it doesn't end there! Add a helping of leather on the back of the arms and shoulders along with another injection of aluminium shoulder sliders. We can't wait to get our hands on these for a full video breakdown and investigate some of the juicy new terms associated with the Stradon like "Dragon Fabric", or "Anti-floating sleeve adjustment." Aimed at the most hardcore of consumers, this drug of a jacket will likely fix any two-wheel condition.

Dainese Stradon Gore-Tex Jacket Review:

Cooling off with a more palatable chaser, lets have a look at the Dainese Crono jacket. Perched just under the Avro textile, with a slightly less aggressive stance, the Crono has many of the same perks. Intake and exhaust vents contrast with a removable thermal liner to make for a wide-range of temperature adjustability. The Crono comes in four colors - Black, Red, Silver, and Blue.

In other news, the Talos GTX jacket now has a counterpart with the Dainese Talos Gore-Tex Pants.

Dainese Crono Textile Jacket Review:

Now that you've had a breather, it is time for the Dainese Aspide D-Dry jacket to pack a punch. Perhaps one of the motosexiest jackets of last year, the original Aspide was the ultimate style statement for a protective sport textile, however, admittedly it lacked the much needed dose of functionality that the D-Dry version offers. Much like the Avro and Avro D-Dry, the Aspide D-Dry comes with a built-in waterproof membrane in the outer shell along with a front Idraflap fastener. The added material over the zipper helps to keep water and wind out.

Dainese Aspide D-Dry Jacket Review:

Moving over to the new women's textiles, we have a tempting Dainese Women's Vintage jacket to announce. Filling a void in the women's vintage department, this classically-styled jacket aims to please with its soothing lines and relaxing colors.

Dainese Women's Vintage Textile Jacket Review:

The closer for this evening should leave you with that warm, comforting feeling, quite literally. Made from stretchy, yet protective Mugello fabric, the Dainese Women's Zima Gore-Tex jacket serves up a substantial all-weather option for the serious female rider. The Zima mixes thermal lining and Gore-Tex waterproofing with chest and shoulder vents for a versatile riding solution. This gem for the discerning female rider will allow her to ride unshaken in changing weather conditions, while stirring her onlookers with the crisp fashion and graceful style that only Italy can offer.

Dainese Women's Zima Gore-Tex Jacket Review:

As we have come to realize, you can never really get enough of Dainese. If you need more to satiate your urges, check out the entire 2013 Collection at

-- ckZilla

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