Tuesday, October 23

New Dainese Protection and Base Layers 2013 Collection

In the vast world of motorcycle gear, base-layers and protection layers often get lost in the shuffle. However, they do play an important role in keeping your ride safe and focused. A proper base-layer keeps your mind on the road and off the windchill, while protection will supplement the existing armor in your jacket for a more complete package.

Putting protection first, lets strap on the Dainese Gilet Wave back protector. The new fitment system is its greatest asset, using a waist strap and zipped vest in combination. These extra details make the Gilet Wave more comfortable and more stable, staying in place better in the event of a crash. In addition, this CE Level 1 garment uses aluminum honeycomb construction and a segmented plate design for maximum energy absorption. The interior of the back plate uses 3D bubble foam to optimize for airflow. Complete with pockets along the chest and hip, this back protector makes no compromise.

Hitting the dirt with pizzazz, the Dainese Tutore Cross knee guards bring color and style to the world of knee braces. Reinforced with Pro-Shape and Crash Absorb, this triple-density joint support system will protect you from impact while simultaneously providing a rigid structure to brace your knee. Full adjustability coupled with an eccentric joint allows the Tutore to move with the rider and keeps the armor in place at all times. Don't worry, we aren't crazy - 'eccentric joint' just means you can extend your knee.

If you've been riding for very long, sooner or later you'll get the memo that cotton is the worst thing to wear under your jacket. Preventing moisture from evaporating combined with an affinity for odor and bacteria make the classic 't-shirt' a bad choice. Fortunately, Italy has had no shortage of Polyamide fibers as they add the Dainese Dynamic Cool LS and Dainese Dynamic Cool SS shirt to their menu. These seamless shirts moisture-wick like nobody's business and has an antibacterial treatment to fight odor and grunge.

Of course, they didn't stop there. If you can cough up an extra $5, Italy will grace you with the Dainese Dynamic Cool Tech LS and Dainese Dynamic Cool Tech SS shirt - key word being tech. The difference here is the addition of Polypropylene, which is basically a five-syllable way of saying "it keeps you dry." Woven with the moisture-wicking properties, the "it keeps you dry" fabric assists in preventing water from soaking into the material.

On the other side of the thermometer, the Dainese Evolution Warm shirt is meant for freezing temperatures. This anatomic creation is sculpted to fit the posture of a rider, stretching in all the right places. Best used between your skin and a wind-blocking layer, this shirt helps to regulate your body temperature so your body doesn't have to. As your skin lets off heat, the thermal properties help retain, but when you start to sweat the moisture is carried away. Dainese also released an Evolution Warm Pant to accompany this selection.

If you run into some really 'foul' weather, try the Dainese Goose-D Vest on for size. Stuffed with Goose down and feathers, this water-repellent vest works as an excellent mid-layer, retaining gobs of heat. Side inserts give enough stretch for a flexible fit and two exterior pockets make this the most convenient goose you'll ever wear. Seriously, when is the last time a goose has offered to hold onto your phone? This vest also comes in a women's version.

If you don't sweat the details, you'll likely be hot, or cold, or unprotected. Take some time to flesh out your collection, or get familiar with the basics in the rest of the Dainese 2013 release.

-- ckZilla

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