Tuesday, October 30

New SIDI Boots Blew In!

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, three new boots have just blown in from SIDI! Best defined as cross-overs by design, these new options certainly look like they could have been frankenstormed together with high winds and a cyclone. Their multi-function properties will make them a flexible choice for several different riders and riding styles.

The first arm of the storm brought us the SIDI Nitro boots, mixing elements of sport and shoe. Caught somewhere between the Streetburner and Blade boots, the Nitro use Sidi's own Techno 3 wire entry closure system. This ratcheted fastener keeps the fit snug, while still allowing for a quick exit. Without traditional laces, you won't have to worry about anything flapping in the wind. Stylistically, the Nitro look a bit more shoe-like, though their sharp lines and textures will certainly allow them to stand out amid the fray.

Perhaps created in the eye of the hurricane, the SIDI SDS New York shoes carry a calm, serene facade with furious intent. SDS stands for SIDI Design Series and indicates an additional level of care and detail in their makeup. Though they could easily fit into your everyday routine with suavity, the SDS New York have all the protection and reinforcement of a full riding shoe as well as a non-slip sole and a strap to hide your laces.

High surf and flooding won't scare you away with the SIDI Armada boots. Appropriately equipped with Gore-Tex and both external and internal ankle protection, the Armada provide a sport-touring solution akin to the Adventure Rain Gore-Tex. Made to be more comfortable, more flexible, and more versatile, these boots will protect from wind and weather like their older dual-sport brother. However, they are much lighter and offer a snug, custom fit with several expansion panels and adjustments for your calf and ankle. These agile companions will give you the edge against mother nature.

We've survived the worst! When the high-winds, flooding, and downed trees subside, we fully expect these boots to have landed firmly on higher ground.

-- ckZilla

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