Wednesday, November 14

REV'IT! 2013 Textiles Revealed!

Fresh and fabulous, REV'IT! 2013 has just begun to crest the horizon. Looking at their textiles, there are a caravan of new jackets and pants poised to conquer your personal frontier, whether it be a turbulent tundran terrain, or the daily grind to your workplace.

With big shoes to fill, the REV'IT! Sand 2 Jacket needed to evidence both a substantial upgrade in function as well as an attractive price point to serve as an adequate sequel. We think it has fit the bill superbly. While the Sand 2 will still take you well into the winter season with its two removable liners for waterproofing and thermal, the big change improves upon its warm weather utility. The zippers on this jacket increase ventilation by a whopping 200% compared to the original! This is achieved through a longer arm vent that extends further up the bicep as well as a wind-catcher system on the chest that stretches the opening to keep them gulping air through the large vertical vents. The pockets on the Sand 2 are now pleated for better storage when stuffed and better looks when empty. For the serious adventurer, who requires compatibility with a Leatt neck brace, REV'IT! has heard your call from the wild! Full integration is now built in via a number of strap loops for a secure attachment. The Sand 2 will be available in Black/Silver, Black/Orange, Silver/Blue, and as pictured in Silver/Red. Additionally, the REV'IT! Sand 2 Hi-Viz jacket will stagger in for just a few dollars more. Of course, the REV'IT! Sand 2 Pants follow suit, available in Black, or Silver/Black. These come with a few pant-specific changes, including a re-designed cargo pocket for best accessibility
while riding as well as a change in material on the seat
that provides better grip in wet or dry.

If you want the flexibility of the Sand 2, but live in a warmer climate or don't plan on riding through winter, you might consider the equally capable REV'IT! Levante jacket. At a lower price point, the Levante is aimed to strike at those in the hottest areas with always-open mesh panels on the front, back and arms. This jacket comes with the same 2-in-1 liner that you are familiar with in the Tornado jacket, conquering cold and wet simultaneously. The defining factor to the Levante is its 3/4 cut, complete with cargo pockets and an adjustable fit. Lady riders will be pleased to know that there is a REV'IT! Women's Levante jacket that comes specifically styled to fit the female form.

This isn't a stick-up, partner, you can keep your wallet! The REV'IT! Outback jacket offers much of the high-tech protection and function of something like the Cayenne Pro or the Defender, but in a lighter package that will still leave enough cash to feed your horse. Offering the same 2 drop-liners as the Sand 2, for water and cold, the Outback is overgrown with pockets, vents, zippers, and adjustments to keep your feature-meter full. The big catch (literally) is that this action-packed jacket will be available in an all-American 5XL and 6XL size. This is something previously non-existent for REV'IT!, who has historically marketed only to the European slim-cut body type.

Another budget option with safety and style is the REV'IT! Nautilus jacket. Designed to be 100% waterproof, the Nautilus is a simple way to stay dry throughout spring and fall. Though the lack of ventilation will limit its summer use, the removable thermal liner will allow you to push the boundaries of your riding territory well into winter. Available in a subtle High-Viz option as well as black, this ration of awesomeness is an easy buck to drop.

For those that want to stick to the asphalt, REV'IT! is porting their two-liner system over to a sport cut jacket, embodied in the new REV'IT! Excalibur jacket. With a destination waterproof liner that is designed to look great as a stand-alone piece, the Excalibur is a streamlined solution for the sport-bike commuter, or aggressive weekender. Take a slice out of your tarmac playground with confidence.

Subdue the final frontier with the REV'IT! Enterprise pants, though we don't actually recommend wearing these in outer space. Instead, these waterproof overpants are meant as a solution to those wet treks to work where you need to wear your street clothes underneath to stay dry! Expansion gussets and full-length zippers on the inside of the legs allow for easy don and doff in a jiffy. The short connection zipper allows for seamless attachment to any of the new jackets mentioned above.

Wherever your spurs lead you, there is sure to be an option here that will leave you fearless in the face of the unknown. Check out the rest of REV'IT! 2013 at

- ckZilla

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