Wednesday, November 14

Spring 2013 REV'IT! Gloves Dealt

In anticipation of the spring release, REV'IT! has tipped their hand on 2013 gloves. With a bit of a re-shuffle and some elegant new suits, the end result is certainly a good deal.

Flush with the release of the Sand 2 jacket and pants, the glove turn sees the release of the new REV'IT! Sand Pro gloves. Positioned as a raise to the original Sand gloves, this 'pro' option has a number of new plays. The most noticeable addition is the CE-rated armor across the knuckles. While it looks and feels like almost nothing is there aside from a hexagonal decoration, this protector is, in fact, CE rated. In addition, the base of the palm has a PU rubber palm slider in similar fashion. If you want to hedge your bets, but still have the very best ventilation, the Sand Pro gloves are likely to be your trademark.

Ante up! The next round is in play. You could cut the deck on either side of the next two options. The REV'IT! Striker and REV'IT! Neutron gloves drop at the same price point and are both active players. Both pairs feature a new piece called 'connect fingertip' which allows for use of both the thumb and fingertip on touchscreen devices. The set also use a 500D stretch textile shell, distinguishing neither as a favorite. Where they split is in the styling and knuckle protection. The Striker uses a TPR hard-shell knuckle, while the Neutron shows a PU injected knuckle. My pick goes to the Striker, but I'm sure that many will call the Neutron instead.

When the chips are on the table, don't let the road call your bluff. Go all in and set yourself up with a full hand.

- ckZilla

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