Wednesday, November 14

REV'IT! 2013 Hunter Race Race Suit

The new for 2013 REV'IT! Hunter Race Suit is ready to take down some serious competition on the track.  Known for protecting the likes of Randy DePuniet and Alvaro Bautista in the Jungles of MotoGP, REV'IT makes some impressive race suits.  The Hunter picks up the trail where the Tarmac left off with some subtle but effective changes to it's arsenal.  The largest or rather smaller update is the Dual-comp protectors at the shoulders and elbows that have been sculpted to provide a greater range of movement without sacrificing protection.

Other notable tweaks come by the way of additional stretch panels in the torso with revised panels in the hips allowing you to get into a tuck more easily to sneak up on your target down while rocketing down the straights.  Perforation looks to be a little less then it's predecessor, though the diameter of the holes appears larger and their location has been modified. So it should yield similar airflow while moving perforations away from critical seams.  The Aero hump is prepped to receive a hydration bladder for long sessions stalking prey and a removable liner helps to make it easy to clean, so you can mask your scent after multiple expeditions.  This suit is loaded for big game in 2013.

- Santini
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