Monday, January 21

Joey Jumpers from Alpinestars

Jump for joy! New Joey jib-jabs generate ginormous juice for your generation! Heavily styled for your converse crowd, the new Alpinestars Joey Shoes are designed to fit your groove without footing a bill.

The Joeys offer a street-styled canvas look that has added protection over your normal Chuck Taylors. If you are still reading, you are likely already well acquainted with All-stars, PF Flyers, and the like. Or, you just Googled "Chuck Taylors". In any case, the look is specific and sought after, and Alpinestars has hit the nail on the head. The toe box and heel counter are beefed up to give these an advantage, however, the material is minimally invasive on the look and feel of this shoe. Substantially more flexible than competitors of its kind, the Joey shoes ride the line between fashion and function.

The standard model is available in Black and Black/Grey/Red, while the Alpinestars Joey WP Shoes will be produced in Black and Black/Yellow. Both will include an extra pair of laces as well as a replaceable PU foam footbed. The WP version has a wax treated outer and waterproof inner liner for protection from your local H2O.

Alpinestars Joey Canvas & WP Shoe Review:

Treat your jumpers generously! The Joey Shoes will make your feet smile.

- ckZilla
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