Monday, January 21

Paradise Found! Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots

Though I fail to see a visual connection with the bird of paradise, perhaps what Alpinestars intended to say was that you will be able to venture further into the jungle while wearing these boots to see said bird. Or, maybe they just wanted to imply that these are the motorcycle boots of paradise. In any case, the Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots are in no way flighty!

A hard-core boot for the hard-core rider, the Toucan GTX are the top echelon of ADV/Touring footwear from Alpinestars. Competing head-to-head with contenders like the Sidi Adventure or TCX X-Desert, the Toucan excel in providing heavy duty protection in challenging terrain. Riddled with TPU protectors, structural reinforcement and aluminum enclosure pieces, this fortress of a boot is also waterproof, carrying the Gore-Tex lifetime guarantee! Accordion flex zones and some advanced design through the instep, sole, and arch allow for all-day comfort. While I wouldn't recommend hiking in these, or tackling 7 flights of stairs, I am convinced that they will perform well in their intended purpose, giving you confidence and contentment on your
two-wheeled beast of choice.

Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots Review:

After trying on a pair, our Geeks were able to confirm a solid feeling in the heel with room to slide around, which comes as an improvement over previous Astars boot fit. A single sided hinge works with the flex zones to allow for easier shifting technique, while a thinner toe box gives more clearance for your foot controls. With that said, they still fit a bit on the wide side. Even with all this protection and development, the Toucan boots come in well under 3 pounds in the size 9 we weighed. This is quite an accomplishment for a, boot of this magnitude.

Set in the Alpinestars Tech series, and taking a lot of the success and experience from its Tech Boot predecessors, the Toucan should give a technical edge to those pushing their bikes from tarmac to tundra. Let us know if you spot any birds of paradise along the way!

- ckZilla
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