Monday, February 4

Held Rodney, Score II, and Twin: Touchdown!

Whether your favorite pastime involves pigskin, leather and cotton stitching, or vulcanized rubber, we all have a passion for winning and love watching refined players hit the mark. Held, being one of the most refined players in the motorcycle market, scores in each category with their gloves: Touchdown, Home Run, and Goal!

First to dash into the stadium are the Held Rodney Gloves, which offer extraordinary tactile feedback in a lightweight leather package. With a goat skin upper and kangaroo palm, the Rodney is designed to bridge the communication gap between your bars and your brain by giving you a secure grip without compromising your finesse on the controls. Reinforced Superfabric sides gives the Rodney an edge of protection as well. Flat seams and fabric stretch panels finish this glove as a comfortable summer short-cuff.

As we rack up some points, lets move to the Held Score II GTX Gloves. Protective and 100% waterproof, the Score II use leather covered knuckle protection in conjunction with a Kevlar ceramic polymer matrix along the side of the hand to make their mark. Longer cuff and with more armor than the Rodney, the Held Score II would be best fitted for spring/fall use when the chance of rain is constantly imminent. Goatskin is used across the palm as well as rear fabric stretch panels. This glove advances the line without sacrifice.

If instead, you've taken to the ice, you might need a warmer option. Take your best shot with the Held Twin Gore-Tex 2-in-1 Gloves for a double-fisted solution. Constructed with two inner layers, the Held Twin can be used as a full-on winter glove with the 'warmth compartment' offering an extra layer of insulation over the Score II.  However, if you need that tactile feedback to score a goal, switch to the 'grip compartment', which strips you down to the goatskin palm. This section is even lined with Outlast for an extra measure of temperature regulation.

Held's dedication to their gloves ensure that your mitts will be comfortable all day long, or well into the night. Their technical construction gives you the protection that you need and the confidence that it inspires. Regardless of the conditions, you can rest assured that these gloves will give you a firm grip on the game, even if the lights go out.

- ckZilla
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