Friday, February 1

New Brawler: Roland Sands Fubar

Pardon my French, but we are pumped to announce the new Roland Sands Fubar Jacket! For anyone who doesn't catch the reference, I'll leave you to Google "Fubar" at your convenience. Personally, I find this jacket to be quite the opposite of its namesake.

Constructed from 13oz raw denim, the Roland Sands Fubar Jacket has a tumbled finish for best results at your local watering hole. If your ride and your attitude don't say enough, your Roland Sands Design apparel will quickly close the gap. If civil disagreements should arise, the performance fit and lightweight construction will allow for nimble strafing and ducking. If your diversion tactics and evasive maneuvers fail, the armor ready shoulder, elbow and back pockets will provide a place for protection.

Whether your prime assailants are the fists of frenzy that habitually greet you down all those the dark alleys that you frequent, or simply when the 'road rises to meet you,' the RSD Fubar stands ready to take a beating so your ego doesn't have to.

More of the same available from Roland Sands Design at

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