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Icon 2013 Helmet Graphics: Reveal Your True Identity!

On a motorcycle, your helmet is your identity. What lies behind the tinted mask, no one can know, but what you choose to wear on the outside becomes the mark that defines you - as a legend, or a nightmare. Icon has embraced this philosophy, giving credence to your subconscious expression. Choose from the personas emblazoned across the helmets below.

Taking a swing at the digital age, the Icon Airmada Salient Helmet seems to hearken from some futuristic robotic civilization. Spinning inspiration forward with themes from Tron or Star Trek, this lid for the new millenia reveals your true intent: alien takeover by motorcycle! The Salient Helmet is available in a plethora of colors, including Black, Red, Pink, Green, Blue and Purple.

Return of the chainsaw wielding zombie-killer! The Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet depicts rampant carnage in the wake of your death machine. Leaving only a pile of broken skulls behind you, this headcase will bring out your inner rage. This one has a juicy secret that only comes out at night. Make sure your zombie-killer gets enough sun during the day to reveal a toxic glow when the lights go out!

Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet Review:

Perhaps your true identity is more devious. For a more ghostly approach, choose the Icon Airmada Medicine Man Helmet. His secret is not in his blood, but in his potion. Available in a startling Black/Orange or a more subtle Black/Gray, this mask is most definitely on your dark side.

Icon Airmada Medicine Man Helmet Review:

Coming from Spanish or Portuguese tradition, the Icon Airframe Vaquero Helmet takes on the character of the "Horse-Whisperer." Fast-forward several hundred years and we find that this memorizing power will have similar effect on your two-wheeled iron horse. Calling on the spirits of the past, this Helmet will seduce any motorcycle that lays eyes on it.

The Icon Airframe Sauvetage Helmet doesn't need much explaining. If you are a beast, this facade suits you. Wear it with pride. Rawr!

If you ride in a pack and run from anyone wearing the Sauvetage Helmet, you need the Icon Variant Big Game Helmet to plead your case. A bold statement that is black and white and red all over, this Big Game Helmet dares your predators to take their best shot.

Icon Variant Big Game Helmet Review:

No matter your inner angst, Icon has your back. Surely, one of these vibrant helmets say the most about who you really are? If that isn't enough, check out more Icon 2013 at

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