Friday, February 15

New Icon 1000 Apparel - Be Ready for Battle!

Always keeping the worst-case scenario in mind, Icon has prepped us for many battle situations over the years. The Icon One Thousand line-up seems to be positioned as the best chance of survival in extreme conditions and their most recent additions are no less fit for the battlefield.

Leading the charge, we have the Icon 1000 Akorp Jacket, which is basically a little brother to the Icon 1000 Beltway. Removing some of the florid design and extraneous pockets, the Icon 1000 Akorp is based off the same highland-coated canvas chassis though with an Icon sport fit. Brazilian cowhide overlays and full D30 armor make this a tank of a garment, fit for war and more. Whether it is urban jungles, or desecrated landscapes, the Akorp Jacket will be your best companion until you meet your untimely demise.

Icon 1000 Akorp Jacket Review:

If you want to make a more minimal statement, or prefer to let your rippling muscles do the talking, the Icon 1000 Associate Warchild Vest may better suit your intent. Restricted to only 100 pieces worldwide, this limited edition vest should be reserved only for the Rambos among you. A set of tactical pockets in the front, complete with a Velcro id-tag holder, give you plenty of room for spare grenades, C4, flares, or whatever else goes boom and suits your fancy.

Down with hoodies! Cotton hoodies are about the worst option you could choose as a technical mid-layer. Instead, replace it with an Icon 1000 Infamous Layers Jacket. With 270g of thermal fill, the Infamous Jacket is designed to give you the maximum amount of protection from wind, cold, nerve gas, and other elements without taking up a lot of space under your jacket. This allows for a better fit all around and also doubles as a good casual outer layer to wear once you arrive on the front lines.

Should you step on a land mind, you will wish you had been wearing the Icon 1000 Truant Boots. Reinforced with an axialmetric steel shank in the sole, these low-profile boots offer real protection on any collision course. Made with full-grain leather and fashioned with a low-profile lacing system and adjustable strap, the Truant boots are meant to make you sure-footed even when the missiles are flying - specifically, your two-wheel missile of mass destruction.

Icon 1000 Truant Boots Review:

Arm yourself in the battle zone! Show the onslaught of cagers what you are made of! Don't back down when you have an arsenal of Icon One Thousand on your side.

- ckZilla
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