Thursday, May 30

Alpinestars 2013 SMX Plus Boots - Now CE Rated

A common theme from our European boot manufacturers this year, Alpinestars has updated their SMX Plus Boots to carry the overall CE rating for boots. This is an all encompassing boot certification rather than the CE rating given to each protector or piece of armor.

Here are a few cliff notes on the rest of the changes:

  1. The back of the heel has been redesigned including the multi-link suspension system at the ankle. This system is better encapsulated, protecting the screws and offering a lower profile so as not to catch on anything while riding (or crashing!).
  2. The rear heel vent has been removed, while a vent has been added across the top of the foot.
  3. The molded TPU protector comes up higher for better coverage. It also meets up with the accordion stretch panels a bit more nicely.

You can watch our full video breakdown of the Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots below.

Alpienstars 2013 SMX Plus Boots Review:

This iteration of the Astars SMX Plus boot is an improvement upon last year and sits just under the Supertech-R along the Alpinestars boot line. It is available in standard or perforated versions. If you would like a quick overview of the Alpinestars SMX Plus Vented Boots, watch our brief overview below.

Alpinestars 2013 SMX Plus Vented Boots Review:

Outside of the updates to the tech on this boot, the style and design changes that have come along look cleaner to me. A"step" in the right direction if you ask me! Har... har ... I'll be here all night, folks.

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