Friday, May 17

Biltwell Helmets: Just Shut Up and Ride!

Sometimes fish gotta swim upstream. In the world of chrome, bling, and fancy farkles, there are those who value simple, clean design. Biltwell was founded out of a desire to focus on the rider who spends his hours in his garage fashioning home-brewed solutions, looking for quality pieces to work with. Classic crafting on timeless bikes fly in the face of the the more mainstream bolt-on this and chromed-out that.

Once you have your masterpiece running and out of the garage, the last thing you want to do is tarnish your piece of art with a modern helmet, full of buttons, sliders, graphics, and gauges! Go back to basics, look up those old pictures of your dad on his Shovelhead, and see what he had to protect his noggin. Obviously vintage-inspired, the Biltwell Gringo Helmet has the old-fashioned spirit of adventure, but not much more. If your wheels are turning, and the horizon is getting closer, what more do you really need? Just shut up and ride.

Biltwell Gringo Helmet Review:

Lets review: It is DOT-rated. It has two holes in the shell, one for your neck, and another for seeing out of. There are snaps for use with a bubble shield if you really must complicate things. Don't worry, these days they don't smell like puke. The Gringo Helmet can be ordered in Black, Flat Black, Hazard Orange, Matte Titanium, and Vintage White. In our professional opinion, the Matte Titanium is the most badass.

The Gringo speaks for himself and will get you into more trouble than he's worth.

If the Gringo is too much lid for your free spirit, they also produce the Biltwell Bonanza Helmet. The concept is the same, sans chin bar. Available in colors like Flat Red Primer, Wine Metallic, Gang Green, and Rootbeer, the Bonanza should wet just about any antique appetite your motorbike craves.

Biltwell Bonanza Helmet Review:

I think I've learned you enough for one day. Bam! Biltwell Helmets.

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