Thursday, May 16

Icon Airmada Hoodoo Helmet: Some Serious Voodoo Juju

Dong... the clock strikes midnight!

What madness concocted? What magic conjured? This incantation spawns for one sole purpose: to steal your soul! The latest in dark magic out of the annals of Portland has got some serious Voodoo juju. It calls itself the Icon Airmada Hoodoo Helmet.

Icon Airmada Hoodoo Helmet Review:

Whether you are a Hunsi Kanzo, a Mambo Priestess, or a straight up Gro Hungan, the Airmada Hoodoo Helmet has got something for your supernatural practice. On one side, a possessed goat skull spirit reaches for your face, ever staring into your spirit with his glowing red eyes. If that is too spine chilling, just spin the helmet around to be comforted by an equally disturbed Demonatrix. Don't worry, I'm sure that look of hunger in her eyes is just for a McChicken Deluxe.

Speaking of bones, and chills for that matter, note the custom "ICON" logo across the top of this lid, which is completed with a branded skull and cross-bones on the backside. Admit it, you hold your breath inside your helmet when you pass a graveyard. Know this, those graves will be holding their breath when you pass wearing the Icon Airmada Hoodoo. The best part of this head-consuming religion is that both Mr. and Mrs. Beelzebub glow in the dark! Make sure your vodouisant helmet gets plenty of sunshine so that your guardian ghasts will watch over you all night long.

There are only a select few that have the mojo to wear this juju. Are you one of them?

-- ckZilla
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