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Break it down! Schuberth Sizing and Model Guide

So someone turned you on to Schuberth Helmets. Perhaps it was your over-protective mother (Happy Mother's Day!), perhaps it was a riding buddy, or maybe it was that crazy guy in the purple shirt. Whatever the case may be, you have come to the realization that this discovery was just about the best thing that happened to you aside from buying your first motorcycle. But, wait!  There is more than just one model! How are you supposed to choose? How will they fit? What is this new "C3 Pro" business? Look no further, we have the answers.

With 90 years of history, Schuberth has quite a bit of momentum in the helmet world. On top of this, their pedigree is obsessively compulsively German, which comes with an extensive level of engineering and attention to detail. Currently, Schuberth Helmets has four models available in the US, six if you count the C3 and C3 Pro women's versions separately. In broad strokes, the SR1 is their race helmet, the S2 is their aggressive sport-touring model, and the C3 Pro is the sequel to the modular juggernaut that led Schuberth's launch into the states a few years ago. Both the C3 and C3 Pro are available in women's specific versions that are internally designed for the shape of a woman's face. In addition, the liner material and shell shape are catered to the needs of female riders on these versions.

Schuberth Helmet Sizing & Buying Guide:

All of Schuberth's helmet models use composite fiber with S.T.R.O.N.G. technology, all are DOT and ECE rated, all but the race SR1 Helmet use drop-down sun visors as well as built-in bluetooth functionality.

We hope that our buying guide video helps de-mystify some of the terminology and technology that encompass the Schuberth Helmet brand.

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