Tuesday, June 18

Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers: Two-Up & Fully Loaded!

"Bless you!" That was quite a sneeze. No, actually, Siskiyou is a real word, and a real location. The county of Siskiyou exists at the top of California and is an expanse of mountain ranges and big-foot sightings. Now that you know I haven't caught a cold, lets dive into the details on this dry pannier bag!

Heavy duty, trucker-tarp style dry bags are nothing new for Giant Loop, and their Great Basin and Coyote saddle are excellent choices for solo trips where maximum storage is needed. However, two-up riding presents a storage challenge. Not only do you now carry a hair dryer, 3 extra bottles of shampoo, 5 pairs of black shoes and a weeks supply of dark chocolate, but you have less place to put it all!

Enter the need for a large storage solution that does not take up space on your pillion. While many would stop reading at this point and go straight to Givi hardcases, or an OEM solution, soft luggage is much lighter and more modular than hard luggage. In addition, they are usually more accesible on the road, not requiring keys, combos, and latches to gain entry. Though I wouldn't recommend hardcore terrain while riding two-up, there is a safety benefit for some enduro riders who would rather have soft bags fall on their legs than the edges of an aluminium box.

Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers Review:

The Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers give a whopping 70 liters of storage in a 100% waterproof dry-bag roll-top package. The best part? Your honey now rests atop her own personal seat pad. The adjustable straps are made with military-spec materials and can be easily fitted to a variety of bikes, with or without luggage racks. If your exhaust runs particularly hot, Giant Loop even includes heat shields to protect the panniers.

Now don't get me wrong, not all pillion riders are high-maintenance! Regardless of your better half's disposition (or packing skills), the extra space and benefit that the Siskiyou provides will make the trip easier and more comfortable. After all, what is the point in getting away from it all if you can only pack enough for one night on the road?

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