Thursday, June 20

Icon Airmada Bostrom: E-Boz + Zebra = Animal instincts!

Electric motorcycles exist outside of the 80’s Tron Light Cycles and commuter battery-powered bicycles. Team Icon Brammo is racing in the new electric motorcycle racing series with the Brammo Empulse RR. Eric Bostrom will be piloting a zebra inspired Empulse RR in the FIM/TTXGP 2013 electric road racing series. Inspired perhaps by his animal instincts, this graphic will be named the Icon Airmada Bostrom Helmet.

You can't ride a fancy motorcycle from the future with a regular ol' helmet. E-Boz is going to be sporting an Icon Airmada matching the zebra motif. The Airmada is a staple in Icon's helmet line up offering great venting, so when Bostrom is silently zipping along he'll be pleasantly cool.

Icon Airmada Bostrom Review:

When you receive your Bostrom Helmet, run to your local zoo and hop on a zebra to do your best E-Boz imitation. If you find your impression lacking, the lid also comes in a blue color scheme. Good luck finding a blue Zebra to ride!

-- SanchoZilla
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