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Reevu FSX1 Modular Helmet - Head Checks are a Thing of the Past!

Admit it, you are lazy. You know you should do a head check, but it takes too much energy or you just forget. First, let me reprimand you on your negligent riding habit! Second, let me offer you an alternate solution. The Reevu FSX1 Modular Helmet has a rear-view mirror built in to the shell. Head checks may be a thing of the past, if you see a Reevu in your future.

The Reevu FSX-1 Helmet isn't the first we've seen from Reevu, but it is the first modular option to surface. I borrowed our video sample for a while to test out the features and report back. As Anthony will say, I will echo: It takes a week or two really get used to the rear-view mirror. At first, it may be distracting for you, so please ride with caution. After some time, your brain will get used to processing the additional data point and you will begin to benefit from the system. The next step is to train your neck muscles to move up and to the right when you want to check your left blind spot. With a little practice, this can become as habitual as a head check should be, but requires much less effort. In addition, the big safety bonus is that you never have to take your eyes off of the traffic in front of you to perform this check to your blind spot.

Moving on to the more standard features of this modular helmet, I was a bit underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the design, and everything works as advertised. However, it is just a bit loud, a bit heavy, and will buffet in the wind at highway speeds. Personally, I think this is forgivable considering the step forward in safety with the rear-view system. Just keep this in mind when looking at the price point. You are paying for a helmet comparable to Nolan, AGV, or LaZer modular helmets that has an added feature. What you are not paying for is a price-equivalent Shoei Neotec that comes with a rear-view mirror for free.

Reevu FSX1 Modular Helmet Review:

Now, before you ask, let me tell you: "NO! I don't recommend removing your existing mirrors and using the Reevu system in place of them!" Regardless, I'm sure many will use the FSX-1 Helmet as an excuse to 'clean up' their stock mirror set up.

I would really like to see Reevu inspire similar technology across the gamut of helmet manufacturers. If this feature caught on, I think we could see a generation of more acutely aware motorcyclists on the road. This would naturally lead to a decrease in accidents, injuries, and deaths. Of course, sometimes we need to start with merely impressing the importance of wearing a helmet in the first place.

Overall, Reevu has quite successfully paired a rear-view system with a fully functional DOT helmet. The end result is pretty remarkable and will change your riding experience. Now that I've ridden with the rear-view system I find myself performing head checks much more religiously with my Arai. Once you get used to having that extra information on your surroundings, it is difficult to give it up.

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