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2013 Kriega R25 Backpack: Hardcore Storage for Hardcore Riders

Kriega is one of the most premium storage solutions that we've seen to date. Their line extends from the R3 Waist pack (3 liters) all the way to the Overlander 60 Panniers (60 liters), with a modular design that allows for 2, 3, or 4 of their packs to be used in combination. All of their gear is made from heavy duty Cordura and rip-stop fabric, constructed with both the ride and the crash in mind. 2013 brings a refresh to the Kriega R25 Backpack and we'll take a look here at what has changed.

Listening to feedback from riders, one of the smaller, but more appropriate changes allows the backpack to be put on more easily over bulky gear. While this was always the intention, some riders with bigger leather jackets were having more trouble. Now, the entire clasp has been changed and raised for a better fit. In addition, the alloy pulls were removed from the shoulder strap adjustors in place of their "bomb proof" buckles and unique dot system. While an exceedingly simple idea, the symmetrical placement of a few dots along the strap lets you know when each side has been adjusted to equal tension.

2013 Kriega R25 Backpack Review:

The new R25 Backpack also receives a rubberized, reinforced carrying strap at the top that will take much more abuse from being hung, dragged, pulled, or squeezed. Just beneath the strap is a double pass-through intended for use with the Kriega 3 Liter Hydrapak. This option was previously unavailable for the Kriega R25. The main zipper has also been recessed a bit further to protect it from wear and provide better water resistance for the exterior pocket.

The last feature that I'm personally excited about is the compatibility with their US-10 Drypacks. If you haven't figured this addictive little feature out already, please watch our Kriega Brand Overview for the full picture. With the addition of a few straps, the US-10 can now be attached via its alloy hooks to the back of the R25. The US-10 can also attach to a US-20 or US-30 via these same hooks, so the more Kriega you own, the more combinations of gear you'll be able to run with. Brilliant, right? Now you've just gotta buy more! "My name is Chris ["Hi Chris!"] and I'm a Kriegaholic."

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