Wednesday, June 5

Scorpion Ventech II and Hat Trick II: When Sequels Don't Suck.

You all know that feeling. It happens about 15 minutes in. You were eating your popcorn waiting for a plot, but then the realization hits you: "The Brazilian Job" isn't a sequel to "The Italian Job", I mean, come on! Where is Mark Wahlberg? You just got suckered into a movie sequel flop. Thankfully, Scorpion Sports must've had a similar experience. Or, perhaps they just put forethought and a real budget behind these next two jackets.

The Scorpion Ventech II Jacket is a summer mesh chassis with a removable full-sleeve AirGuard wind liner. A well executed evolution from the original Ventech, the updated styling and fit has a little something for everyone, but not too much. At this point in the blog, I'll usually start pitching the product towards a particular riding group, like RSD to cafe racers, or Dainese to track day dudes. Instead, I think the Ventech sits well in a neutral position to be an accesible to many different riders. The fit is equally accesible, not having a slim-cut Euro fit, but not having a huge touring fit either. The High-Viz colorway is pictured here, but a less flashy Black, or Black/Silver is available as well as a more sporty White/Red.

Next up, the Scorpion Hat Trick II Jacket is a triad of resourcefulness, combining a mesh exterior with both a removable thermal and removable windproof liners. One of the real bonuses here is the use of Sas-Tec armor, which we typically only see with REV'IT! apparel. Sas-Tec is a molecular level armor that hardens upon impact to absorb energy and is right up there with D30 and Forcefield as one of the best protective compounds on the market. If you are wearing the Hat Trick II with jeans, make sure you use the convenient belt loop attachment to keep the rear in place. No sleight of hand is required to pull of this 3-season option.

So these sequels didn't suck. Hooray! Its like "The Two Towers" following "The Fellowship of the Ring," or "The Empire Strikes Back" after "A New Hope." Wait a minute ... does that mean we are due for a third iteration next Spring? Scorpion III: "Return of the Vent Hat!"

-- ckZilla
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