Tuesday, July 16

Arai Defiant Jolly Roger: You Have No Idea!

You know we like to keep our finger on the pulse of moto-sexy, right? By now you've probably heard of a few product releases or reviews that we've pushed to put in front of you before anyone else. Sometimes, we get ahead of ourselves, and deliver you info on products we don't even know about yet. Here goes nothing...

Above: RevZilla's rendition of the
Arai Defiant Jolly Roger Helmet
Ahoy, Matey! Listen up all ye swashbucklers, all you jollygagging scallywaggers! Weigh the anchor and hoist the mizzen, your journey either begins with the Arai Defiant Jolly Roger Helmet, or it ends when ye walk the plank you son of a biscuit! Whether you are a fine lassie, a landlubber, or an old salt, the Jolly Roger is worth your doubloons, a booty surely worthy of Davy Jones' own locker. Collect your pieces of eight and run a shot across 'er bow for thar she blows in her hornswaggling beauty! Shiver me timbers, I've gone three sheets to the wind.


I don't care what you have to pillage to get yer grubby fingers on this treasure. Starting with the bilge-sucking demeanor of the Arai Defiant and adding a skull and cross bones is enough to scuttle a ship and blow a man down! Blimey! Either strap on your cutlass and cleave yer foes to the brisket with the Jolly Roger Helmet, or be prepared to feed the fish, for dead men tell no tales. Heave Ho!

"Ahem..." in other words, we have no idea what this helmet is going to look like, but it's an Arai Defiant, it's badass, and it's going to be awesome. Trust us... you scurvy dog, you.

-- ckZilla
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