Tuesday, July 16

New Nolan Helmets: Innovation and Evolution

We've had three new helmets on our radar from Nolan for a while, but we are expecting to see them officially drop within the next few weeks complete with details pricing and availability. Here is what we know so far...

A brand new model, the Nolan N86 Helmet is a sporty full-face option based loosely on the clean lines of the N85. The N86, however, is a brand new shell, with newly designed ventilation and aerodynamics. This solitary full-face option in the otherwise modular Nolan brand line-up, shows what the Italian company can do with simple form and careful execution.

Further innovated from the N43E, the Nolan N44 Helmet makes some major changes, heeding customer feedback on several points. Perhaps the most noticeable difference that will strike you on first glance is the aggressive approach to ventilation. Out goes the single, centered intake. In comes a wide ram-air channel that runs the length of the helmet. This is akin to what we see with the ICON Airmada or Arai Corsair venting strategy. In addition, the bluetooth integration is now seamless with the updated B4 system, ditching the old trap-door style E-box housing. The last change that we can confirm is an updated chinbar. The previous model chinbars have vacillated in size and shape, intending to solve problems of noise and wind protection, without becoming crowded or uncomfortable. We expect the N44 to give the best of both worlds.

Finally, the latest evolution comes in the form of the Nolan N91 Helmet, following in line with the N90. The N90 was one of the best-sellers in the modular category, quickly surpassing the N103 and N102 as a value buy. If history is any indication, the N91 should follow suit. We know for sure that the ventilation has been updated and the interior fit improved, however, further details will only be available when the production model is unveiled. Look for a video review later the summer that will dive into the details.

We'll keep our finger on the pulse! Stay tuned to RevZilla for the best on two wheels. The product pages linked above will be updated as soon as we have the info.

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