Thursday, July 11

Sena SMH3: Scooter Bluetooth!

Two wheels and an engine comes in many shapes and sizes. Sena recognizes a new demographic for motorcycle bluetooth with the Sena SMH3: scooters! While the unit can still be used aboard your traditional motorbike, the size and shape of the SMH3 caters towards 3/4 and open face helmets.

With Bluetooth 3.0 range up to 200 meters, the Sena SMH3 Bluetooth Headset allows for integration with smart phones, GPS, MP3 player or just a traditional conversation from helmet to helmet. The refined tech, built on years of experience from Sena boosts sound levels above road noise and cancels out wind for crystal clear sound quality. The new, simply tiny, module is completely contained within the speaker and microphone assembly, eliminating the need for an exterior unit mounted on the outside of the helmet. With controls now mounted on the microphone itself, this clean look and intuitive function set a new standard for this class of communicator.

Due to the location of the controls, this unit would seem to present a challenge when used with standard full-face helmets, however, riders using open-face, 3/4, or modular should not have any problems accessing the buttons.

Got to hand it to Sena, this is a first of its kind. Way to go, guys!

-- ckZilla
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