Monday, August 26

AGV Numo EVO Helmet: Sexy Styling With A Touch Of Convenience

The Italian helmet manufacturer AGV has crossed the line. For years they’ve been known for developing high-end racing helmets. The Doctor himself, Mr. Valentino Rossi, calls the inside of his AGV helmet home, when he’s torturing his competitors on the MotoGP circuit. But now, AGV turns in their battered knee pucks for a different hue of riding.

The new AGV Numo is one of the few modular helmets available from AGV. This is an historical moment for AGV. The Numo EVO brings new life to the brand while staying true to their heritage. There’s more to the Numo than the ability to manipulate its chinbar. Its plush interior is fully removable and sanitized to keep riders fresh. The optically correct faceshield provides excellent visibility to keep riders alert. A channeled ventilation system forces air around the head to regulate body temperatures. In addition, to aid in its modular convenience, an optically correct internal sun visor is incorporated. Finally, safety being priority numero uno...the Numo is available in a Hi-Viz colorway.

Do not be turned away by the term “modular”. This helmet is anything but boring, nerdy, or clunky. The Numo is sleek. It has lines that you would only find on an Italian work of art. It’s the Ferrari F151 of motorcycle helmets. Sexy styling with a touch of convenience.

“In sella a una bici da corsa è un'arte - una cosa che si fa perché si sente qualcosa dentro.”

-Valentino Rossi

The AGV Numo helmet allows the sport touring motorcycle purists around the world to sculpt their masterpieces in the tarmac.

--High-Viz Brian
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