Monday, August 26

AGV Skyline Helmet & AGV K4 EVO Helmet Graphics!

AGV.  Italian sexy.  Known for their tame and not-at-all obnoxious pictures of Valentino Rossi splayed across the tops of their helmets.  Oh wait, no - that’s every other helmet brand.  With a new slate of AGV Skyline and K4 EVO graphics, the road rider who fancies Italian style now has a few more choices, all of which live up to the AGV reputation.  If standing out (in a good way) is your aim, then fix your sights on the following helmets.

With a name like “Psyco,” you’d think the AGV Skyline Psyco graphic would be more Alfred Hitchcock than it is, but you’d be wrong.  With a gray cheesegrater-esque (okay, so maybe it is pretty Hitchcock) design behind the ears, and a star with some flourishes on the front, the Psyco actually shapes up to be a slick looking lid.  It comes in three colors, all of which change the color of the star and some pinstriping;  White / Gunmetal, White / Gunmetal / Blue, and White / Gunmetal / Red.

“Hang On.”  Don’t take that name lightly. This new AGV K4 EVO Hang On graphic looks like it’s doing 130 down a straightaway while it’s just sitting on your desk.  Broad, sweeping strokes travel from the front of the helmet back, getting smaller and more wispy as your speed increases.  And just in case you forgot about Dainese’s partnership of AGV, there’s even the hallmark demon eyes logo back behind the ear - staring at your friends who ride next to you and giving them the heeby-jeebies (I’m only assuming).  There are two colors, one Gunmetal and one Gunmetal and Red - with the major change being seen on those broad strokes I mentioned earlier.  

The AGV K4 EVO Diapason graphic highlights struggle of a people displaced from their homeland.  Wait . . . diapason?  Oh, right right - “a grand, swelling burst of harmony.”  Sure, I guess that works for this helmet.  AGV drew from a slightly more modern design with the Diapason graphic.  Stark lines with soft edges give the helmet a more civilized look.  If Tron were reality, this helmet would be standard issue on a Light Cycle.  You can zip and zoom around the futuristic world of tomorrow with a lid designed to fit the future population’s taste.  Actually, they fit my tastes too.  Aggressive, but not anarchic.  Clean, but not sterile.  The Diapason channels all of its energy into a concise graphic that, given time, may just explode with the harmony of a burbling Ducati twin.  But, before it explodes, it flaunts it’s three colors, Blue, Gray, and Red for all the world (in the present) to look at.

Rawr!  Growl!  Snarl!  If this helmet could talk, it would only speak in rumbly monster-like noises.  No sir (or madam), this helmet isn’t for the feint of heart.  Maybe the designer of this helmet was up a little late scouring the internet for evidence of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.  Maybe he went a little crazy and spilled his insanity onto his sketchbook.  Whatever the case, the AGV K4 EVO Creature graphic is pacing back and forth, ready to be let out of the box and put onto the road.  Complete with tribal designs and stylized flames, the Creature is a, dare I say, tasteful take on the crazy sportbike lid.  It’s aggressive, it’s raw, but it’s also refined and sophisticated - what else do you expect from the king (caesar) of Italian sexy: Dainese / AGV?  

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