Friday, August 23

Ghost Carbon: New Airframe and Variant Helmets from ICON

Icon has been known to make gear with wild graphics that make you stand out and be noticed. Unique color schemes and graphics adorn Icon helmets. These are the people who brought you the Hoo Doo helmet with a scantily clad demonic woman with horns and red eyes. Helmets like the Pleasuredome create quite a reaction of love or hate. I didn't think they could be subtle until I saw the Icon Airframe Ghost Carbon and Variant Ghost Carbon helmets.

Icon Airframe Ghost Carbon Helmet Review:

Subtle does not have to mean boring.

Icon is taking their Rubatone game to the next level by applying the finish to a premium carbon fiber shell.  The result is a helmet that can pass undetected by radar, infrared cameras, and Superman's x-ray vision. Not really, but one can pretend. It even comes with a yellow tactical shield that is DOT approved so you can pretend to be part of a elite tactical motorcycle counter-terrorism unit.

Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet Review:

Most of the people who would consider a Ghost Carbon version of the Airframe or Variant are looking for a quality helmet made out of lightweight carbon fiber with a subdued matte finish. The other people are motorcycle henchmen.

You can sport the Icon Variant Ghost Carbon or Airframe helmets in pretty much any color, as long as that color is black. Don't worry about not having a wide color palette selection. Black goes with everything.

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