Friday, August 23

Icon Airmada Graphics: Nutty, Insane, No limits!

Icon is known for being a little nutty. We respect that. After all, our society thrives on shock factor. Their helmets are literally the canvases used to express the ridiculous and demented thoughts that go through their team’s heads. And we love them just the way they are....

The Icon Airmada Britton Signature Helmet has “No Limit”. No... seriously! It’s written on the back. This helmet graphic expresses the constant progression Jason Britton brings to the world of Stunting. Always pushing the envelope on a new, physically impossible trick, he somehow executes perfectly. This graphic POPS! It bleeds emerald green smoke and slime through a decayed skull. Lay it all on the line with the Britton Signature helmet graphic.

Icon Airmada Britton Signature Helmet Review:

Holy Cow! The first time I saw this graphic I had nightmares for a week. Icon swears M. Night Shyamalan is not producing a new blockbuster based off of this graphic. I am skeptical. If the T-Rex, Frankenstein, and Swamp thing SOMEHOW had a baby.....Icon captured the little ball of joy perfectly, and painted a portrait of him on the side of this Icon Airmada Future Suture Helmet. In a very weird way this helmet screams, “NEVER QUIT PUSHING IT!”...just put another staple in your head and get back in the saddle. For the final touch, if your two eyes are not sufficient enough, Icon threw us a bone (that this helmet’s chin bar ate) and provided another set of eyes to visualize the win.

Icon Airmada Future Suture Helmet Review:

To me, this is the most shocking helmet of the three. Why you ask? Because it’s not insane. Actually, after seeing this in person, I take that back. The texture of the Icon Airmada Volare Helmet feels as if they wrapped the shell in snakeskin, sprayed it quickly with a light rubatone, then shot it with a hint of gloss. It’s pure evil! If you really want to shock yourself, then check out the Icon Airmada Volare Hi-Viz Helmet. Same dose of insanity, but in electric Yellow, Orange, and Pink colors!

Icon Airmada Volare Helmet Review:

More where that came from on! Check out the entire Icon Airmada collection.

-- High-Viz Brian
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