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Icon Overlord Resistance Collection: Jacket, Pants, and Gloves

In a world where status-quo corruption is king, the tarmac is in shambles, and potential violence is around every sharp turn - One brand stands up for mankind, to change history as we know it pushing forward thinking to extremes. Is it a bird? A plane? Is it Superman? Or Bruce Wayne? The last remaining honorable moto-heads of this corrupt moto-world gather on their garage rooftops, sound their horns, and shine the Icon symbol into the endless dark sky...waiting patiently for progression, edge, and hope - Hope for a future far from muddled styling, common features, and redundancy.

Waiting and wondering.....

From the captivating but ruthless dark night, a new Overlord breaks through the clouded confusion of the status - quo to promote resistance.

The untarnished moto-heads praised the moto-gods for their Icon savior. Running on empty, the moto-heads were refueled by the new Overlord Resistance.

The Overlord Resistance provides protection against the shambled tarmac and street violence in the form of inspiring motivation and body armour. The body armour consists of gloves, jackets, and pants with a fresh new persona. With the fresh new persona, the Icon Overlord Resistance needed a trusted adversary to rate, review, and supply the protective gear to the moto-heads.

The ZLA Army was up for the challenge.

The ICON Overlord Resistance Jacket and Pants make a bold statement and reflect the Icon god’s philosophical beliefs. They utilized many of the natural and synthetic protective materials this earth has to offer. Leather panels in the impact areas inspire confidence and ensure premium protection against man eating wolf zombies (they do exist). The battle suits have a relaxed cut to fit a moto-warrier comfortably. They also provide excellent adjustability / articulation in the event one may need to slip into the matrix and dodge roost from moto-zombies thrashing up pavement and spitting out roost from their back tires.

Icon Overlord Resistance Jacket Review:

The ICON Overlord Resistance Pants and Jacket are transformed into full battle suits through a 360 degree integrated zipper connection. Specialized CE (Civilization Extinction)-rated D3O molecular body armour is integrated into the shoulders, elbows, and knees with the ability to accept a D3O back protector. A proprietary rubber panel adhesion process is used to bond specialized rubber panels to the Ballistic Nylon and Fighter Mesh Chassis, keeping the moto-heads cool, comfortable, and effective in a street fight or on a street fighter.

Icon Overlord Resistance Pants Review:

The ICON Overlord Resistance Gloves are no slouch either. Hand to hand combat is not out of the question and abrasion resistance against tarmac or a rabid zombie’s jaw is a must. We had to pull our French allies into the mix for support. ZLA Army’s Capitaine Hakeem was our liaison that provided the highest quality French cowhide for the glove’s main chassis construction. The combination of finger expansion panels, heavy gauge knuckle protectors, and localized rubber finger tip protectors provides an efficient and effective addition to the Overlord Resistance lineup. The Overlord Resistance armor is an all encompassing, end of the moto-world survival kit, with the Icon Overlord Resistance Battlescar Gloves adding the final touch. Oh, and if you are looking to go out with a bang? Behold, the Icon Overlord Resistance Hi-Viz Gloves!

Icon Overlord Resistance Gloves Review:

Every standard issue Icon Overlord Resistance battle suit comes with a St. Christopher medal for safe travels on one’s journeys. In addition, if one is injured in the field of battle, the Icon god’s send down a special “Battle Scar” badge of merit for honorable service to the cause. Icon is building a fortified family and has your back! ICON WANTS YOU!

-- High-Viz Brian
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