Friday, August 23

The Icon Citadel -- Siege Defense for your Skin!

Motorcycle commuters put their butts on the line battling traffic, distracted drivers, and crappy weather. Don't forget potholes, cigarette butts thrown out of windows, and city buses.

The commuter needs to be prepared, just like the soldiers defending a citadel. They fight to keep out invaders and the executive minded commuter defends their motorcycle from marauding soccer moms wielding their minivans of doom. Icon is outfitting all of you road-warrior commuters with the Citadel Collection.

The Icon Citadel Jacket is fully decked out for battle with D3O armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back. Wear the high-viz color option like war pant. It will keep motorist's eyes burning as you pass on the left at a considerate speed. Not into high-viz? You can rock the sleek stealth look in charcoal, black, or red. The strategically placed stretch panels will move with your body and keep you comfortable while everyone else on the road is strapped into  their cars. A thermolite vest helps regulate your core temperature on cold days. But it does nothing for the cold stare from drivers stuck in traffic.

Icon Citadel Jacket Review:

The Icon Citadel Pants come with a removable waterproof/windproof liner to keep your nether regions at an optimal temperature. D3O knee and hip protectors cover your bony parts. These are cut generously to go over your pleated khakis, slacks, or whatever lame pants you have to wear to work.

Icon Citadel Pants Review:

The Icon Citadel Gloves are waterproof and insulated to keep your digits warm, dry, and protected. Your warm and dry hands will have no problem working the controls on your motorcycle. You'll be ready to type away at those emails when you get into the office.

Icon Citadel Gloves Review:

Riding on buses is smelly, you can never get a seat on a train, and cars are just cages. Icon's Citadel Collection will protect any motorcyclist getting ready for the daily grind. If only Icon made gear for when you actually get to work to protect you from the free for all in front of the coffee machine. Then I would really be ready for Mondays.

-- SantoZilla
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