Monday, August 19

New Alpinestars Huntsman Jacket -- Black Shadow Collection

You don’t have to be dating Snow White to wear the Alpinestars Huntsman Jacket, but who would say no to her?

Maybe the guys at Alpinestars are fans of Hollywood, maybe they’re avid outdoorsman, but in either case it seems Alpinestars is hunting the most dangerous game: the vintage cafe racer.  It’s not quite Rocker, but it’s far from Mod.  Using a distressed cowhide that is rather unique in the Alpinestars line, they bring you the Huntsman Leather Jacket (bow and arrows not included).  In fact, not much at all is included - but this is a good thing.  The Huntsman is a no-frills jacket.  No shiny doo-dads, pins, or patches (sorry UK Rockers).  When you’re on the prowl you need to stay stealthy, and the Huntsman will help you do just that.  It has all the standard CE armor in the shoulder and elbows, a pocket for your back protector, and a waterproof wallet pocket to hold your hunting license.

You could always try hunting the big bad wolf with the Alpinestars Huntsman, but we imagine you’d return with quite a few scratches and bite marks.  Even with its antique silver zippers (great for warding off werewolves), the Huntsman is much more suited to the urban jungle, where clubman bars and rear sets reign supreme.  Or, if vintage isn’t your scene, you can take this out on your cruiser . . . but only if you spend your free time hunting zombies on your chopper.

-- ZLAus-e
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