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Seriously Stellar Jackets: Alpinestars Women's Apparel

Seriously Stellar

Let’s face it, we all like Alpinestars. The fit is feminine and the name is tested and true. But, let’s also keep it real. Their women’s line has been lacking a little something. We haven’t seen a Gore-Tex option from them that rivals their Men’s alternative. And, like everyone else, we want options-- and, because we are women, we want options.

Enter the Alpinestars Stella New Land Jacket and pants. You won’t see any pink trim and you certainly won’t see any women rocking these topless (at least we hope not). This Alpinestars Stella Newland set is for the serious female touring rider who wants the guarantee of Gore-tex and wants it in a durable chassis with a thermal liner to boot. It’s not suggestive and buttery soft, but we don’t always need to have every curve hugged by leather. Sometimes, the sexiest woman is the woman who knows what will keep her warm, keep her dry, and keep her protected. That’s a woman who knows what she needs and looks like a woman doing it.

Alpinestars Stella New Land Jacket Review:

Stella Light

The Alpinestars Stella Quassar Jacket is for those days when you wake up to sunshine and skip breakfast to go ride. This mostly mesh shell is exactly that. It’s your go-to, early fall, summer and spring jacket. Read: simple. This jacket is designed to protect you and keep you cool. No fidgeting with liners, just CE certified armor in the elbows and shoulders, and a traditionally feminine Euro fit. Good to grab and go. Just don’t make the no-breakfast thing a habit!

Alpinestars Stella Quasar Jacket Review:

On the flip side of things, we can also introduce the Alpinestars Stella AST-1 WP Pants for those of us who are showered with love from above routinely. The waterproof outer shell is constructed with zippers that vent to the thighs, so you’ll keep a little cooler when the sun’s blazing. There’s also CE certified knee protection as always and reinforcement in the seat. Oh, and did I mention that there’s also a little Alpinestars swag label just above your rear to keep those whale-tail chasers guessing? Simple and sound and keeping it classy.

Alpinestars Stella AST-1 Pants Review:

Motegi Me

Love the cut of Alpinestars, but simply not sure if you’ll be into those flowers on the Anouke next year? Yea, Astars figured that as well. So, this fall Christmas has come early with the new Alpinestars Stella Motegi Race Suit.

That’s 1.3 mm of premium full-grain leather and CE protection in the elbows, shoulders, and knees with some added padding around the chest, hips, and ribs for peace of mind. Plus, lots of stretch to move with your curves and some pretty substantial perforation to keep you cool. Boom! What else do you need? Oh yeah, some track day swag. Yeah, we said it. The Stella Motegi is classic Astars, just the right amount of race bling for the track.

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