Friday, September 27

A Gerbing Guide to Preventing Metacarpal Malfeasance: keep your hands warm!

I bought my first motorcycle in the middle of winter, determined to ride it home. My gear was layered, thermal liners were in place, and I rocked two gloves on each hand. All good sense was drowned out by 1200cc’s of that two-wheel freedom mobile as the engine beckoned and I rolled on the throttle. By the time I hit 4th gear I had become well acquainted with the piercing effects of windblast. Curse my youthful hubris!

Welcome to the new world of Gerbing. The company that has focused on heated gear since 1975 is set to release the new 2013 line and our first glimpse at their reinvented image comes in the five finger variety.

With an on-wrist LED controller and the ability to warm your paws up to 135 degrees F, the Gerbing Core Heat Gloves serve as the entry-level piece in the Gerbing line. With high levels of phalange flexibility the gloves offer sturdy construction without interfering with your ability to interface with the controls.

For the discerning rider looking for all the functionality of the Core Heat, yet with the subtly-soft welcoming-warmth of fleece, this glove is for you. And for those outdoor aficionados among us, or motorcyclists who really want to blend it, the Gerbing Core Heat Fleece Gloves come in camo as well.

If Santa Clause were to sit on your lap in the mall, this is the holiday gift he would ask for! Designed for the the coldest and harshest of conditions, the Gerbing Core Heat Mitts will be waterproof, durable, and well-equipped to handle the winter winds at speed . . . whether your sleigh is powered by petrol or 8 magical reindeer.

Bulking up like a red-shirt linebacker with a meal plan, the Gerbing Core Heat S3 Gloves take their game to the next level. Designed for the heartiest of hearts who see the winter elements as an opportunity to be seized rather than an obstacle to be avoided, the S3 offers robust accommodations within a waterproof Nylon shell for your fingers as you bound about in your winter playground.

The Gerbing Core Heat Next Gen Gloves are the pinnacle of technological advancement in heated gear. Leather palms, waterproof construction, and a rugged build to handle the most arduous of excursions. Stay warm, stay dry, stay comfortable, stay functional.

We have all heard the expression; “they got cold feet.” It is a term used when people back-out, cop-out, and most unfortunately, miss-out on what could possibly have been an experience of a lifetime. Do not be that person! By making use of stretch upper heat panels for increased comfort, and non-stretch lower panels for durability, the Gerbing Core Heat Sock Liner insulates and wicks away moisture to keep you warmer, drier, longer.

The fact of the matter is that for those of us residing north of the 30th Parallel, the meteorological realities of the changing seasons necessitate a re-evaluation of our warm-weather riding apparel. This year, when Old Man Winter reaches out to shake your hand, shake back with the Gerbing line of heated gloves (or kick him with your toasty socks!), then leave him pouting in the snow as you proceed to explore, experience, and expand your sense of adventure no matter what the temperature.

Until next time, have fun, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride!

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