Friday, September 27

Gerbing Women’s Core Heat Softshell Jacket and Vest

Riding in the winter is not for the faint of heart. So, kudos to those who bear the frost because they love to ride! But, gearing up can sometimes take forever and turn into a hassle. So, Gerbing (yes, Gerbing, not Gerbings) has decided to make things a little easier on us ladies with their new Gerbing Women’s Core Heat Softshell Jacket and Vest.

Gerbing Coreheat7 Women's Heated Jacket Review:

Instead of trying to neatly connect wires and controllers to more wires, the Core Heat Softshell series allows you to cut out all of the middle men. All you will need to warm up is the itty bitty heat controller that conveniently connects to an existing wire in in your pocket. You won’t have to connect to the bike and the heat controller has a battery that is fully rechargeable. So, you can stay warm long after you’re done riding! Wondering how efficient this will actually be? How does 0 - 135 degrees in about 4 seconds sound?

Just keep in mind, this is meant to be a mid-layer. So, over a shirt and under a protective jacket. There is no armor and neither the Gerbing Women's Core Heat Softshell Vest or the Jacket is abrasion resistant. It just looks good and will keep you warm.

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