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Gerbing Heated Liners: Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Me mind on fire -- Me soul on fire -- Feeling hot hot hot...

If you didn’t know that Gerbing (that’s right, Gerbing, the “s” is now silent; and also invisible) heated clothing has been in short supply for a little over a year, then you’ve either been living under a rock or in a climate akin to tropical beaches, sunshine, and drinks with umbrellas in them.

Now dubbed the “CoreHeat12” line, new Gerbing Heated Jacket, pant, and vest liners are expected to ship from Gerbing’s new North Carolina manufacturing facility in the next few weeks. You may be familiar with their original Core Heat line that utilized 7-volt rechargeable batteries for non-motorcycle use. The name is now making its way into the motorcycle side because, well, the idea is that the Gerbing Heated Vest, jacket, and pants Heat your Core and run off your bike’s 12-volt electrical system -- hence "CoreHeat12."

Gerbing Coreheat12 Heated Jacket Review

The Gerbing Heated Pant, jacket, and vest liners utilize a microwire grid to provide heat. This system, implemented in the previous generation of liners, is a grid of thin Stainless Steel wire that is very durable when compared to copper wire and heats up very quickly - 0-135 in about 4 seconds. Can your bike do that? :)

You’ll find that not much has changed in terms of fit and function but that they have made some improvements. One improvement of note is now each heat panel has a thermostat that constantly monitors and regulates heat to ensure a consistent level of heat throughout the garment, better control, and more reliability. Aside from this clever update, the overall look an feel has been refreshed, giving it a more 'current' aesthetic.

Look for more offerings from Gerbing in the coming months to keep you warm to the core.

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