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Gerbing EX: Extreme, Exceptional, Extraordinary!

Have you ever broke up with a girlfriend, only to bump into her years later, and she looks much better than she did before?  You may still have that beer gut, but Gerbing certainly doesn’t.  Oh yeah, that's right, our heated gear experts had a makeover in the past year, and it certainly shows.  Their hip new name is the first thing you'll notice, but there's a lot of other exciting things that went on behind the scenes as well.  It's like they went to summer camp a girl, and came back a woman.

One of the most exciting changes to their range, and the one this article will be focusing on, is a new line of outer gear.  That is, rather than just a heated liner, Gerbing has a new stand-alone jacket, pant, and pair of gloves.  Complete with waterproofing, armor, and heated elements - for those who don’t wish to fiddle with layer upon layer - Gerbing has the answer.  Enter the “EX” line.  Does it stand for External?  Extreme?  Exceptional?  Extraordinary?  I don’t really know.  What I do know is that you can get a whole new set of gear that looks good, has a good build quality, and will keep you warm and toasty all year long.  Taking some style cues from the likes of REV’IT, Gerbing has a new line of gear that even I, Dainese’s #1 Fan, wouldn’t be ashamed to wear.

Starting with an abrasion resistant Cordura shell, the Gerbing EX Jacket offers a full host of protective features.  If CE rated shoulder and elbow armor wasn’t enough, Gerbing saw fit to include a back protector as well!  Woo!  And if crashing isn’t on your list of fun-things-to-do, the jacket also has plenty of reflectivity on the front and back.  As it stands, no high-viz option is available, so the reflectivity is a welcomed addition.  Stretchy cuffs will make the jacket a bit more comfortable, as will the full ventilation system - which will give the jacket a bit of seasonality.  Between the ventilation and removable liner, the EX line should be comfortable in Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Anything warmer than that and you’ll be sweating bullets.

If your stems get cold too, you can pick up the Gerbing EX Pants as well.  They’ll come with the same Cordura shell, have the same CE rated protectors in the knees (and maybe the hips, they haven’t told us yet), the same removable Thermovelocity Protection lining, and a similar venting scheme.  It’ll also come with plenty of pockets to keep all your goodies in.

The third and final member of the EX family are the Gerbing EX Gloves.  Again with the sharp style, Gerbing offers a product that isn’t quite groundbreaking, but certainly a step in the right direction.  Gerbing has been making gloves for quite some time, and it shows.  The EX Gloves come complete with waterproofing, heated elements, and easily adjustable velcro cinching and adjustment straps.  Luckily for everyone, the EX Gloves also have some pretty beefy protection in the form of “wear resistant palms with full bone impact padding specifically designed for the temperature of speed.”  Last time I checked, speed doesn’t really have a set temperature - but I’m not going to argue with the cheesy humor of Gerbing’s copywriting team.  All in all, the EX Glove is very good-looking, decently protected, super warm option that will, at least for me, be the end-all be-all cold weather glove.

Okay, okay - enough with the marketing jive.  Gerbing changes their name, logo, and style - so what?  Nothing has changed.  Heated gear is heated gear.  Right?  Wrong!  The most interesting part of the new EX line, save for sexy style, is something called “coreheat12.”  Taking a cue from their outdoorsy line of gear, not only can the EX Jacket, Pants, and Gloves all be powered by your bike’s battery, they can also be powered by a portable 12v battery.  With a max temperature of 135°F, the EX line will keep you warm and toasty without the wires.

Or, if you really like wires, you can use them too - it’s up to you!  With the Core Heat Flex Pack Kit, you can have a 12v battery that shapes itself to the curve of your back.  No more bulky batteries strapped to your wrist or digging a hole into your leg!  So we’ve got a trendy new name, a style that holds its own against the Europeans, standalone protective gear, and a (nearly) wireless power source - what more can you ask for?  Well, for one - an availability date before January 2014.

Yes, the only downside to this great news is that Gerbing won’t be churning this stuff out until the middle of winter.  So you’ll be freezing in your skivvies until January.  Good thing humans are warm-blooded!

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