Friday, September 27

Gerbing Core Heat: Layer your Warmth

Heated gear is great on the bike, but when you are out and about, opportunities present themselves to walk around and explore. Until now, there really haven’t been that many options to suit this criteria, but thankfully, Gerbing (notice it is not called Gerbing’s anymore) has launched their Core Heat line to keep you nice and toasty when not plugged into the bike.

Another common gripe about heated gear is that it generally looks, well, how do I put this… terrible when worn alone. That is not the case with the Core Heat line. Actually, the true intention of the Core Heat gear is to be worn every day in the cold, not while riding a bike. Utilizing a 7V, 2.2Ah Lithium Ion battery, the maximum temperature that the heated panels can achieve is 135 degrees (fahrenheit) at 7.7 watts.

Gerbing has addressed these needs from a multitude of angles. The simplest (and most affordable) items in the Core Heat repertoire are the Fleece and Softshell vests. The Gerbing Core Heat Softshell Vest offers a bit of water resistance and wind protection, while the Gerbing Core Heat Fleece Vest is, well, a heated fleece vest!

If you’re looking for a true heated jacket in the colder weather no need to worry - there are three full sleeve jackets in the Core Heat line to keep you toasty. The Gerbing Core Heat Fleece Jacket is the most simple - designed to be worn under a heavier layer or during the late fall or early spring. Basically, this is the full sleeved version of the Fleece vest (with additional heating elements, too).

For the coldest of winter, two beefy options have been introduced with integrated heating elements. The Gerbing Core Heat Puffer Jacket is just that - a PUFFY heated jacket! This water resistant jacket is an optimal choice while shoveling snow or walking the dog in the bitter cold, but might not be enough if you are subjecting yourself to extreme conditions.

For those extreme conditions, the top of the food chain Gerbing Core Heat Ski Jacket is going to be suitable. Guys and gals, this is the real deal - Gerbing has combined their heating elements with a windproof, waterproof, seam sealed jacket with all the necessities for hitting the slopes. A powder skirt and goggle shammy are included, indicative of this jacket’s intended purposes.

Gerbing suggests always wearing a base layer between your skin and the heating elements. Without a consistent layer of material, the heating will feel unbalanced; causing some parts of the jacket to feel warmer than others (and can actually get dangerously hot!).  This specifically developed Gerbing Core Heat Base Layer is designed to work in conjunction with their heated gear for those in search of optimal performance.

I am not going to lie, this new stuff is pretty exciting. I am cold blooded and am always freezing in the winter, no matter what I am wearing. If you are anything like me, the Core Heat line provides a solution to us thin-blooded people!

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