Friday, September 27

Gerbing Puffer Jackets: Inflate Your Body Temperature!

Finally, winter options that aren’t entirely pink in color yet sleek, form fitting and stylish. Gerbing really hit a home run with these new winter heated jacket or vest options for women riders.

For the short commutes to work or around town the Gerbing Core Heat Puffer Vest will be your lifesaver. Keeping your core nice and toasty under any textile or leather jacket. This option would also be great for anyone riding pillion on a larger touring bike, such as a Goldwing.

I know there are a few of you out there wondering; “won’t my arms get cold?”. If you have to ask that question, then you most likely should just purchase the Gerbing Core Heat Puffer Jacket. It’s designed for those that have more of a sensitivity to the elements, as well as for those that have longer commutes.

Keep in mind that both options can totally be used when attending outdoor events such as; Friday Night Lights, or an MLB game. So, whether you’re a motorcyclist or not, Gerbing kept their solution flexible when designing these new winter gear options.

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