Friday, September 6

TCX Custom GTX & X-Ride WP: These Boots Were Made for Ridin’

I am not going to lie, it is hard to get excited over a pair of commuter boots. Race boots or adventure boots, now those are easy to get pumped up about! They have armor, they have toe, heel, and ankle sliders, they have bracing and buckles. Race boots normally come in crazy color combos and let you pretend you to be a MotoGP rider. Adventure boots have all sorts of buckles, support, and motocross inspired design; lets be honest they just look badass.

Commuter boots though, are the bread and butter of the motorcycle boot world. You want commuter boots to be dependable, long-lasting, and weather proof. TCX has just released two new pairs of boots that buck this trend and are welcome additions to the TCX lineup: the TCX Custom GTX Boots and the TCX X-Ride WP Boots.

Feet getting soggy on the way to work? Have to wait out rainstorms cowering in gas stations or beneath highway overpasses because your boots lack waterproofing? The solution is here, and it takes the shape of the TCX X-Ride Waterproof Boots.

TCX has been making boots since 1999, and that is all that they focus on. Their experience comes from military and police footwear, and they were the first to introduce CE rated motorcycle boots. The TCX X-Ride Boots continue that passion for safety with heel, toe, and ankle armor that is CE-Certified. Getting into and out of the boots could not be easier thanks to the zipper and Velcro closure system. The TCX waterproof lining promises to keep you high and dry whether on road trips, or just on the morning commute.

The TCX Custom GTX Boots take the breathability and waterproofing of Gore-Tex and match them with the simple, restrained elegance of black leather boots. These simple black boots can easily be worn casually under a pair of jeans when going out to grab a bite to eat, but are equally at home with a black leather jacket on a murdered out chopper pretending to be Mad Max. Unlike Mad Max, you won’t have to put up with wet feet thanks to the Gore-Tex waterproofing. The Custom GTX Boots are CE-Certified to keep your feet safe when the highway gang closes in on you, or when you close in on the highway pavement.

With the Custom GTX and X-Ride WP Boots, TCX has created a couple of really great options for the rider who is looking for a waterproof boot that offers great protection as well as a clean, simple design. We’re really excited to get a pair on and cover some miles. What are you waiting for?

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