Wednesday, October 16

Bell Qualifier Helmet : Prequalified in this West Side

Dear Roy Richter, you can stop rolling now; the new Bell Qualifier Helmet will replace the Arrow. It's official.

Releasing sometime in 2014 (we're guessing), the Bell Qualifier will take a quantum leap forward in fit and trim as the staple bang-for-the-buck sport helmet from Bell. No more round shape. No more hamfisted feature set. The qualifier steps up with a refined line, intermediate (and predictable) current Bell fit shape - with a side order of BOLD new graphics. Burly Stevan loves them. He also loves cake and that Kid President video on Youtubes.

We're still seeing polycarb in the shell, but overall at about $110, it's plenty of helmet for a sportbike banger, your backup lid or your sometime sexytime ladyfriend who rides two up.

Assume this helmet makes most of the sub-hundred dollar junk you can Amazon Prime pretty sad, but put your hands up 'cause there is a real option to be had for $10 more.

I wish I knew more, but I literally tripped over it today. This Hi-Vis Rally graphic is a dose of hot sauce though. Sriracha, son.

Bell Qualifier Helmet Review:

Be kind, rewind.

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