Friday, October 18

Sena Expand Bluetooth Intercom

Traditional bluetooth headsets allow you to drive hands free or use a laptop while on a business call. They even let you partake in conversations walking down the street. You don't even have to give 100% of your attention to the cashier while checking out of the grocery store. These types of headsets can be conspicuous. LOOK AT ME! I AM IMPORTANT BECAUSE I MAY HAVE TO ANSWER THE PHONE AND USE MY HANDS AT THE SAME TIME. The Sena Expand Bluetooth Intercom is that exact type of device, only you will be using your hands to do actually important stuff like operating a motorcycle.

The Sena Expand offers a communication solution for support vehicles following a group of motorcycles. The driver of the truck can communicate with the other motorcyclists using Sena comm systems. You can also use it with some half-helmets. Or if you are in a state that doesn't require a helmet, rock this bad boy while exercising that freedom! The over the ear style headset offers the functionality of the other Sena units like four-way conference intercom, multipoint for mobile phone + GPS, and music playback control. The headset is durable enough to be sweat and water resistant. Working distance for the intercom is 900 meters in open terrain, just like the Sena SMH10.

The Sena Expand Bluetooth Intercom might not be as sleek as a regular, bluetooth headset that busy business types wear. But it allows you to keep in touch with your cager support vehicle on long trips. After all, isn't it important for you to know that your buddy in the truck needs a bathroom break?

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