Monday, October 14

New Shoei X-12 Marquez Graphic!

Dear Mr. Rossi,

As one of your fans and admirers, I know that you are a man of the most discriminating taste, in life, in sport, in play, and in helmet selection.  I wanted to write and inform you about a very special young man (perhaps you have heard of him) who is rapidly gaining his own reputation for an equally exquisite style, particularly in helmets, that I am sure you can appreciate.  Further, this young man has recently been the subject of great media interest and is frequently being compared with your likeness, as such, I see it as my humble civic duty to inform you of the latest happenings.

You see, my friend Marc (we’ve never met, but I’m sure that we would be best amigos) with his fun personality and killer racing style has recently been quite the sensation in MotoGP, which in some ways I’m sure makes you proud that another rider is picking up the B.A. torch that you left.  And also, similar to you, Marq has gotten into the habit of releasing his own helmet graphics on his helmet of choice, the Shoei X-12 (or X-Spirit II as it is known in Europe).

Personally, as one of your fans, I have always loved your helmets, but if I were to wear another one I think I would choose Marq’s latest creation.   I mean just look at it, it is absolutely beautiful… it seems like it should have it’s own holiday or something.

But seriously, this helmet is deserving of something cool (like a RevZilla blog post).  It has all of the topshelf features that comes with a Shoei, like a Pinlock visor, an Emergency Quick Release and incredible venting.  This particular graphic is called the “Montmelo” which is a tribute to the home of the MotoGP Catalunya Grand Prix, a place where he has enjoyed tremendous success, in fact, he actually wore this helmet at this year’s Catalunya Grand Prix.   The graphic lightning bolt on the Shoei X-12 Montmelo Marquez Helmet acknowledges Marqi’s nickname “El Tro de Cervera” - The Thunder from Cervera.   And like my mother always told me, lightning doesn’t strike twice, so these helmets are gonna go fast.

Shoei X-12 Montmelo Marquez Helmet Review:

So Mr. Rossi,  while you have many awesome helmet graphics, I thought that you might like to know about the new kid (and the new helmet) on the block because honestly, Its puttin’ down some roots if ya know what I’m sayin’.    I’m sure that my friend Marq would be honored if you complimented him on his new helmet graphic, kids these days need all the encouragement and guidance they can get.  After all, it does take a village to raise a kid (or motorcycle racer) and keep him on the straightaway and narrow.  And I can think of no other person that has stayed straighter, narrower and faster than you, so I thought you might be a good teacher. (You are The Doctor after all, with what I’m assuming is a PhD in the BioChemistry of Curves.)

An admiring fan,

-- Gummy Bear
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